Woman alleged to have sold fraudulent Disneyland tickets

Often, when people are arrested for theft-related crimes, they are issued a number of charges relating to their alleged activities. The different charges are typically interconnected. This may be because one illegal act can lead to other alleged illicit actions.

Recently, a California woman was issued several charges connected to a fraud she allegedly committed, which involved the sales of counterfeit passes to Disneyland. The 22-year-old woman is said to have sold the tickets to over a dozen people.

Reportedly, in order to convince people to purchase the tickets as well as hotel reservations, the woman posed as a Disney employee. She is purported to have created fake business cards with images of Disney characters as well as Disneyland emails and a bogus LinkedIn Web page.

In addition, prosecutors say the woman got people to give her their personal information on fake job applications while allowing them to think she was going to hire them at YouTube or Intel. She allegedly used the information from the applications to open credit accounts, which she used for spending sprees.

A district attorney stated that the woman has been charged with aggravated white collar crime enhancements, identity theft, and grand theft. She was reported as being held in jail with no bail set.

If are you charged with only a single theft crime, your life and future prospects could be placed in serious jeopardy. But if you are issued multiple charges, you may be facing many years of jail time and large fines. In such cases, you could very well benefit from having the guidance and representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The attorney could help build a case that offers your best possible outcome.

Source: NBC Bay Area, “Woman Creates Fake Mickey Mouse Business Cards, LinkedIn Page in Disney Ticket Scam: Prosecutors,” Lisa Fernandez, Nov. 13, 2015

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