Financial crime charges could undo life of hard work

Often, what sets cases dealing with so-called “white collar crimes” apart from other criminal cases is the type of person who is most likely to be accused of a white collar crime. Typically, a white collar crime is related to financial activities. And often those accused of such crimes are people who work hard at legitimate occupations.

This means that allegations of such crimes as tax fraud, embezzlement and insurance fraud can have a profoundly negative impact on a person’s standing and reputation within the business community. An individual convicted of a financial crime may face steep fines and even a prison sentence.

But one of the overlooked aspects of financial crime is that often those who stand accused are smart and very industrious. This means that a charge or conviction can result in tearing down a life of hard work and achievement.

Sometimes a financial crime charge comes about because an individual makes an unintended error when handling ledgers or transactions. In other cases, someone may knowingly attempt to circumvent the law for personal gain.  Such instances of illicit activity are often motivated by personal issues, and the accused had no true criminal intent but rather was trying to solve a financial problem.

But regardless, charges for financial crimes are extremely serious and are best addressed as soon as possible. Attorney Ron Cordova has 40 years of experience to draw from when representing clients who are accused of financial crime. Whether the charges or on the federal or state level, Mr. Cordova understands how to construct a strong defense. On this website, you can read about the legal services he offers.

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