Four arrested in DEA designer drug bust

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Recently in Los Angeles, the Drug Enforcement Administration arrested four men from Southland, issuing them money laundering and federal narcotics charges. The arrest was the culmination of a yearlong investigation, during which it is alleged the men produced pills that contained a synthetic opiate. The opiate, known as acetyl-fentanyl, was said to have been imported from China and is described as being more potent than heroin.

Additionally, the DEA stated having discovered an operational drug lab in Baldwin Park, which contained a large variety of different colored powders along with some pill presses. The powders will undergo testing to determine their chemical makeup.

There are a couple of facts in this story that are worthy of note. First was that the DEA invested a year of its time investigating this case, meaning that the organization was determined to make the arrests. The other notable fact is that a United States Attorney stated that the DEA has placed such drugs on its most dangerous and most abused list. Taken together, it is easy to see that federal drug agents are placing great emphasis on convicting those who they suspect are producing or trafficking designer drugs.

Any arrest for drug-related charges has the potential to damage your future opportunities and turn your life upside down. And federal charges can be especially daunting. The federal government has limitless resources it can apply toward getting convictions. Faced with such prospects, suspects will sometimes be willing to accept bargains that are not in their best interests.

If you were arrested and charged with a federal drug offense, it is imperative that your attorney has experience handling cases on the federal level. A savvy federal criminal defense attorney may be able to offer you your best chance to receive a favorable outcome.

Source: Drug Enforcement Administration, “DEA Agents Arrest Four Men on Federal Charges of Distributing Narcotics, Including Pills Manufactured with a Fentanyl Analogue,” Mar. 16, 2016

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