Struggles can compel good people to commit thefts

Most people have plans and dreams. But we all face many struggles in trying to make those plans and dreams into reality. And sometimes those difficulties can seem overwhelming. Some people struggle to make a living in a time where rent and other prices keep going up while wages stagnate. In fact, it can be hard to find a job that allows a person to make ends meet.

Others struggle with personal demons, such as addictions to drugs or alcohol. And to deal with these issues, it’s very easy for people to act in ways that compound their troubles. Many people who are desperate to solve their problems commit acts of thefts to acquire money.

A typically honest worker may embezzle a company’s funds to pay a mortgage. A young person who dropped out of school to take care of a family may commit a burglary or even a robbery to get money for household expenses. And someone in the throes of addiction may shoplift goods that can be sold for drug money.

But unfortunately, if you are arrested and charged for any such activity, the authorities will not be empathetic to your struggles. In fact, they will simply try to convict you as a criminal, rather than consider the intentions behind your acts.

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