Suspects face multiple charges after check forging arrest

Everyone’s life is filled with challenges. How we choose to face these challenges can determine the course of our lives. Sometimes a person may make mistakes which lead to still other mistakes. If these mistakes are in the service of committing illegal acts, then the consequences could be serious and far-reaching.

Recently, two individuals, a man and a woman, were arrested in Orange County, California. According to a senior deputy district attorney, one of the pair allegedly attempted to purchase a Costco membership with a forged check.

However, this arrest is apparently just the beginning of the duo’s troubles. Criminal records indicate that they also had several previous arrest warrants related to charges of identity theft and burglary.

In fact, the two have been accused of having entered business establishments, such as a racquetball club and yoga studios, and stealing credit cards and forms of personal identification. A senior deputy district attorney stated that the two suspects used the credit cards and IDs at various retail stores.

Moreover, the suspects have also been charged with possession of methamphetamine and heroin. These charges relate to a shoplifting case that took place in Irvine.

Being arrested on a single charge is daunting enough, but multiple charges can result in a litany of various serious penalties, including long prison sentences. As such, if you are facing multiple charges for such crimes as burglary, identity theft or drug possession, you likely need to build a strong defense.

A California criminal defense attorney could assess the charges made against you to determine a course of action that may give you your best outcome. In some circumstances, the attorney may be able to get some of the charges dismissed or could negotiate a plea that works in your best interests.

Source: Newport Beach-Corona Del Mar Patch, “Suspects Arrested in Orange County Identity Thefts,” May 2, 2016

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