Defenses that can be used when you are facing drug charges

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Everyday around the United States people are caught with drugs and end up being charged with a drug crime. Whether or not they are convicted of this crime depends on a number of things, but mostly their defense and how they plead. Ideally, when a person pleads not guilty to a drug crime, or any crime, their defense will explain why they aren’t guilty of the crime.

The following defenses can be used when you are facing drug charges:

  • Evidence is missing.
  • Drugs belong to another party.
  • You were coerced into carrying or holding drugs for another party.
  • Seizure of drugs was unlawful or illegal.

Finding the right defense for a drug crime is important, especially if you want to avoid being charged and convicted. Guilty or not, you are at risk of going to jail for this crime, so the charges should be taken seriously and you should be wise about what you decide to tell the courts about why you were caught with drugs. Your fate will be decided by the judge, but that doesn’t mean your defense won’t have an impact on the consequences if you are found guilty.

When a person is facing drug charges, they should do what they can to avoid being charged and convicted of the crime. There are more defenses that can be used, but these are the more common defenses and they may actually lead to the charges being dropped or a more lenient sentence if they are found guilty. In addition to having a good defense, having an attorney on your side is always a good decision.

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