Learn the common kinds of white-collar crime

Mail fraud and wire fraud are white-collar crimes and a serious offense. You may receive a call for a bank wire transfer from an unknown number through a text message, phone call or email. This person may be attempting to deceive you. If you provide them with the necessary information, then the person scamming you will be able to access various accounts and could rob you of your earnings. This is a prime example of mail fraud and wire fraud, to obtain money illegally through a wire transfer.

A person who has obtained money illegally through mail fraud may be involved in other white-collar crimes. They may have experience in bank account fraud. He or she may have obtained money illegally and hacked e-mails, personal blogs, checking account numbers, credit card numbers and data information through a wire transfer.

They may also have obtained money illegally through check fraud by forging signatures to pay for expenses such as mortgages on rental properties and high assets. This person may have impersonated another individual by taking their identity through security fraud.  They may also have obtained money illegally through internet fraud by listing items online and pocketing money from the buyers.

White-collar crimes like mail fraud may not be violent crimes, but they are crimes nonetheless, and those who are found guilty are expected to face the consequences of their actions. Innocent or not, if a person wants to avoid going to prison, they will want to hire an attorney to help them come up with a defense. Having an attorney who’s knowledgeable in the area of white-collar crimes may lead to reduced charges or the charges being dropped altogether.

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