California cocaine laws

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Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs being used in the United States. It provides arguably the most profits for traffickers and drug cartels. Federal laws are very strict towards those involved in the manufacturing and transportation of cocaine. States have their own laws as well, and each state deals with drug traffickers differently.

The state of California is lenient towards those found in possession of cocaine. Special courts were established in the state to deal with those who were charged. Those who get charged with a minor and non-violent drug crime have the option to get treatment. In return, they receive supervised probation and can save themselves from jail time. Defendants who have previous records might have to face time in jail, but no felony charges are pressed against them.

If you are found in possession of cocaine in the state of California, the state could press misdemeanor or felony charges. Selling the drug could also have severe implications. You could go to jail for anywhere from three to eight years, depending upon other factors. These factors include the amount of drugs being sold, who it was sold to and the seller’s location. The minimum sentencing for transportation of cocaine is three years, but this could also increase depending on external factors of the case.

If you have been charged with cocaine possession or trafficking, it is advisable to get in touch with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. The attorney will hear your side of the story and come up with a suitable defense strategy.

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