Defending yourself against child abuse charges

Child abuse charges can lead to severe consequences because of the way in which society deals with offenders. If you get convicted of a serious child abuse charge, you might have to spend the rest of your life in prison. The less serious cases are considered misdemeanors and you may only spend a few years in prison. However, the problems for child abuse offenders continue even after they are out of prison.

Those charged with child abuse have the same rights as any other person, and they get the opportunity to defend themselves in court. Defense attorneys may come up with different strategies to prove their client is innocent.

The most basic defense in child abuse cases is that of false allegation. The attorney tries to establish an alibi or bring forward proof that the charge was fabricated. False allegations are quite common in child custody battles when one parent is trying to discredit the other.

In some cases, the defense attorney argues that the injuries to the child are a result of an accident. This puts the onus on the defense to prove that the injuries are a result of something other than child abuse. Some minor bruising can be discredited by the court if it is a result of disciplining the child. Disciplining the child may be regarded as a parental privilege that can go unpunished. Other exemptions include religious beliefs and psychological disorders.

Have you been accused of abusing your own child? You might need an experienced defense attorney to help you fight the charges. The attorney will assess your case and try to devise a strong defense strategy for you.

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