Have you been charged with drug manufacturing?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2016 | Drug Charges, Firm News

The manufacturing of illegal drugs is prohibited by both federal and state laws. Anyone involved in the process of producing drugs may be charged with a felony. The defendant could spend several years in prison and might have to pay hefty fines.

The prosecution must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the defendant was involved in the manufacturing of the drug. This means that minor evidence may not be enough to get a conviction. If an officer finds the equipment used to manufacture a drug, it might not be of any use unless there is probable cause that it was used for illegal production. Some people have a permit to use certain items that are also used to manufacture drugs. Pharmacists and chemists have access to equipment that could be used for drug production. But they use this equipment for legal purposes.

One of the major drugs being cultivated is marijuana. Even though federal and state drug laws are similar throughout the country, this is not true in the case of marijuana. According to federal law, growing marijuana is illegal and could lead to several years in prison for the defendant. But some states have permitted the use of marijuana for medical and nonmedical purposes, which means it may be cultivated as well.

Drug manufacturing charges are severe and could have serious repercussions. If charged, you might want to consider hiring an experienced defense attorney to oversee your case. The attorney will advise you and come up with a strong defense strategy for you.

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