Dealing with methamphetamine possession charges

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The federal government has severe punishments for those caught manufacturing and trafficking drugs. But exact sentences depend on the amount and type of drugs. One of these drugs is methamphetamine. It is a Schedule 2 controlled drug in the United States. Though it is approved for rare medical conditions, it is usually frowned upon elsewhere. The most common use of methamphetamine is as a recreational drug. It is being manufactured in secret labs all over the country, which is why stopping the production has been difficult for law enforcement agencies.

Being charged with methamphetamine possession can be complicated. But there are several strategies defense attorney’s use to protect their clients from convictions. The attorney can ask the court to grant freedom to the defendant on the grounds that the search was made without a warrant and it was unlawful to search and seize the drug. If the defendant’s fourth amendment rights were violated by the law enforcement authorities, there may be an acquittal for the defendant.

Another defense strategy commonly used is entrapment, in case the defendant was caught in a sting operation. The attorney argues that the defendant committed the crime because undercover officers persuaded them to do so, thus it is not entirely their fault. Some other defense strategies commonly used are planted drugs, crime lab problems and any other way to scrutinize the prosecution’s investigation methods.

If you have been charged with methamphetamine possession, it is advisable to contact an experienced defense attorney. The attorney will guide you through the process and devise a strong defense strategy for you.

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