California man arrested in possession of counterfeit money

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As you are likely aware, crimes can be prosecuted on both the state and federal level. As it works out, there are many crimes which are handled exclusively on the state level, and the same is true for certain crimes that fall under the sole jurisdiction of the federal government.

However, there are also criminal acts that can be prosecuted by the state or the feds. For instance, both entities have a bevy of drug laws which they enforce. And if you should be arrested for crimes that yield both state and federal charges, you will need to have representation that is prepared to handle your case on both fronts.

Recently, a 33-year-old Desert Hot Springs man was arrested after being pulled over for speeding on a highway near Cabazon. According to a California Highway Patrol official, it is suspected that the man was under the influence of methamphetamine. And while the man did not have valid ID, CHP was able to discover his identity.

A search of the man’s vehicle yielded evidence that the man may have been involved in a number of other illegal activities. Reportedly, the man was in possession of more than $30,000 in counterfeit bills along with the equipment necessary to produce more fake money.

CHP officials contacted federal officials who revealed the man was a suspect in a string of similar counterfeiting incidents in Arizona, Nevada, and Orange County. And it was later discovered that U.S. Federal Marshals were searching for the man for still more federal crimes.

The man was taken into custody and is being held on suspicion of having committed crimes related to DUI, drugs, and burglary.

If you should be on the receiving end of both federal and state charges, it is vital that you have an attorney who is capable of working within both systems. Such cases can involve a lot of negotiating just to determine what you will finally be charged with and by whom. The attorney could work on your behalf to protect your rights and limit your exposure to prosecution.

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