Former CFO facing multiple wire fraud charges

Thanks to modern technology, we have more ways than ever to communicate with others. Where once there was only the phone, now we can reach out and touch others via fax and a host of platforms that employ internet connectivity. On the whole, this is a very positive development. But on the downside, you could face wire fraud charges if you use any of these platforms in the commission of an alleged fraudulent act.


A recent case involving the former chief financial officer of Autonomy,  a British software company, can stand as an example of how wire fraud charges can be applied when the authorities attempt to charge or convict someone of fraud. The former financial officer is accused of having misleading others regarding Autonomy’s financial condition.

The former CFO is now facing federal fraud charges in a San Francisco court. He has been charged with 14 counts of wire fraud related to alleged activity that took place in 2011. It is said he used press releases, email, video conferencing, and telephone conferencing in the commission of the fraud. He is also facing a single charge of having conspired to commit wire fraud between the years 2009 and 2011.

Reportedly, in 2011 tech giant Hewlett-Packard took over Autonomy, presumably paying a price based on the information provided by the former CFO. A year later, Hewlett-Packard had to write off a substantial portion of Autonomy’s supposed worth.

The former CFO currently resides in the United Kingdom and officials have given no word regarding his possible extradition to face the charges.

Wire fraud charges are extremely serious; a conviction could result in a 20-year prison sentence. Therefore, if you have been charged, or even suspect that you may be charged with wire fraud, it is incumbent upon you to begin to prepare a strong defense.

A California wire fraud attorney could act as your legal representative to help ensure that you receive due process. The attorney could examine all the evidence against you to determine if your rights have been violated. If so, it may be possible to have the charges lessened or even dismissed.

Source: Palo Alto Patch, “Former Autonomy CFO Indicted In SF Court On Fraud Charges In $11 Billion Hewlett-Packard Takeover,” Norcal Patch, Nov. 15, 2016

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