Drug culture can be hard to leave behind

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2016 | Drug Charges, Firm News

Breaking free from the prison of habitual drug use can be difficult in so many ways. First, many drugs, such as prescription painkillers, crystal meth, and heroin are extremely addictive. Very few people are able to simply stop taking these substances without suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. This means that successfully quitting typically involves some form of treatment.


But there is another aspect of addiction that is often overlooked but still significant; the drug culture. The fact is, the kind of life that you have to live to feed a drug habit can be as addictive as the drugs themselves. Drug addicts often place themselves in dangerous or even life-threatening situations in order to feed their addiction.

Facing danger can bring a charge of adrenalin, which some people find irresistible. Moreover, some individuals may even try to increase the rush by taking even bigger risks. Perhaps they will start selling or even manufacturing drugs as much for the thrill and the lifestyle, as for purposes of generating profits.

And the fact is, a normal, drug-free life can often lack the drama found in the drug culture. Perhaps this is one reason that relapses are so common among those who are trying to overcome drug problems.

But unfortunately, law enforcement officials are often less concerned with a drug user’s personal issues and more concerned with getting convictions, especially for manufacturing and distribution charges.

So if you have slipped back into the drug life only to be arrested and charged, you may want to call a criminal law attorney to help with your defense. Attorney Ron Cordova has years of experience defending clients who are facing drug charges. He understands the challenges you face both legally and personally and would be interested in discussing your case with you.


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