Man and woman apprehended and charged after car chase

In the heat of the moment, anyone can make a rash decision without realizing the consequences. This typically happens when we are suddenly placed in a stressful situation and only have time to react, rather than think. When threatened, our body kicks into what is known as “fight or flight” mode, wherein we instantly choose to engage with the threat or flee for safety. And this can prove very problematic if the threat you perceive is a law enforcement officer from whom you choose to escape.


You have likely seen this phenomenon playing out on TV when a police pursuit is broadcast live on TV. Sitting at home you may wonder how the alleged perpetrator could believe that a successful evasion is possible, given that not only are the police giving chase, but there is a helicopter in the air surveying the whole ordeal. Yet, people still try in vain to outrun the law.

For example, just recently in Buena Park, a 32-year-old driver and his 44-year-old female passenger were traveling in an allegedly stolen 2016 Honda Accord when they found themselves being pursued by Buena Park police officers. An officer had attempted to halt the vehicle, but the 32-year-old opted to take off, starting a 30-minute chase.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department dispatched a helicopter that joined the pursuit, during which the 32-year-old drove against traffic with the Buena Park officers following behind. Eventually, the officers were able to successfully execute a pit maneuver that stopped the Honda and the suspects surrendered after a brief standoff.

Now, in addition to the charges of possession of stolen property and auto theft, the 32-year-old will also face the very serious charge of felony evading arrest. His bail has been set at $100,000. The female was also arrested and charged.

If the police should ever attempt to stop you for suspicion of committing a crime, you will likely not fare well by attempting to run. Instead, try to stay calm and be cooperative. But being cooperative does not include offering a confession or any other self-incriminating statements. Instead, if you are charged, you can contact an experienced attorney who can represent your interests and fight for your rights.

Source: The Orange County Register, “Buena Park police chase suspected stolen vehicle to Whittier, arrest two occupants,” Joshua Suddock, Nov. 22, 2016

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