Hacker who obtained personal photos of celebrities sentenced

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A large part of California’s mystique derives from the fact that it is home to Hollywood. And it seems the public has an insatiable appetite for information about the celebrities who live in and around the area. So much so that there is big money available for photographers who can get snapshots of the rich and famous at their most vulnerable moments.

But while it’s one thing to take a picture of a starlet without her makeup in a public place, it is considered quite another to breach a space in which people have a reasonable expectation of privacy. So if you are attempting to get information about a celebrity or anyone else, you must be careful not to overstep any legal boundaries. And this includes trying to acquire someone’s personal data via internet hacking.

<Recently, a 29-year-old man was sentenced to nine months in prison for having hacked the electronic accounts of 30 celebrities. It is said that via the hacks, the man obtained personal information that included nude photos and videos.

Reportedly, the man carried out his scheme by sending emails that claimed to be from service providers to his victims. The emails requested the victims to submit their passwords and usernames, which the man used to access their accounts.

Some of the stolen material eventually appeared on the internet. Movie star Jennifer Lawrence was one of those whose photos appeared online and was said to be distraught when discussing the matter with federal agents in 2014.

According to a member of his defense team, the man was experiencing emotional issues at the time he committed the hacks.

If you are ever investigated or charged by federal authorities for hacking into a protected computer system, it is likely in your best interests to have an experienced attorney act as your representative.

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