Mass arrests in North County meth and heroin bust

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When law enforcement officials target individuals who are suspected of being involved in the drug trade in California, they conduct very thorough investigations. They are quite content to take all the time they need to gather evidence using every surveillance technique they have available. As such, when they decide to close in on an operation, they are often successful at making multiple arrests.


Recently in North County, officials arrested 46 people who are said to be part of a major methamphetamine and heroin ring. Documents revealed that the organization trafficked the heroin with the help of street gang members.

The bust was the culmination of a year-long investigation that employed the use of wiretaps, surveillance and gun and drug purchases. Ten federal indictments were handed down on the strength of the investigation.

But the authorities were unable to capture the woman who is said to be the leader of the gang. Reportedly, the woman acted as a narcotics supplier to both North County and to a distribution ring in Arizona. Eight other suspects also remain at large.

If you have been arrested during a drug sting and are now facing federal charges, your future is very much at stake. An experienced federal drug charges attorney could go over every part of the evidence being used by the prosecution. It is possible that the evidence was either obtained through improper search and seizure methods or cannot be connected to you.

It is important to have legal representation that understands the specific guidelines used by federal judges when they impose sentences on convictions. The attorney can assess your case and build a defense that is intended to help you obtain your best possible outcome.

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