Purchasing drugs online can lead to legal issues

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2017 | Drug Charges, Firm News

The internet provides us with the opportunity to make purchases on almost any kind of item with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. But just because you are able to make such transactions quickly and privately does not mean that laws pertaining to the buying and selling of items are any different than if you made the same sort of exchange at a brick and mortar store.


There are a variety of reasons someone might want to order prescription drugs online. Obviously, there is the convenience factor, but also it is sometimes possible to get certain medications at a drastically reduced price. And still, other people may attempt to purchase Oxycontin, Xanax, and Vicodin for purposes of nod-medical use or distribution.

But regardless of your intentions, be aware that it is illegal to purchase medications online without having a prescription that has been issued by a licensed physician. And even if you do have a legitimate prescription, you will want to only make your purchase from a legitimate internet pharmacy, of which there are very few.

There are two dangers to be aware of when purchasing drugs online. First, there are many fraudulent operations that sell counterfeit drugs. And secondly, the DEA warns that you could face criminal charges for purchasing a controlled substance without a prescription. Moreover, importing drugs from another country is a felony and you could be prosecuted under federal law for doing so.

Purchasing drugs online should only be done when you have the proper prescription and you are positive your source is a valid pharmacy. But if you should get into legal trouble for buying drugs online, you may want to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney who understands both state and federal drug laws can help build a defense that provides you with your best legal options for limiting your potential consequences.


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