Why would I request drug evidence be tested in a laboratory?

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If you are facing drug charges, you may feel as though you have no options. Of course, this is probably not true, and you should certainly consult with an experienced attorney to determine the best way to fight the charges — and you should fight the charges. Even in cases where you feel as though the matter is open and shut, simply sitting back and letting the prosecution have a field day with your case is never wise.

Even if the circumstances surrounding your drug charges seem air tight, there may be an easy way that an experienced attorney can use the law in your favor. In the course of the case, the prosecution and law enforcement have a duty to prove that the charges against you are true. This means that they must maintain the evidence that they gathered at the time and be able to produce it.

You may be able to demand that the drugs you are charged with possessing be tested in a laboratory. This strategy has a couple of advantages. First, law enforcement who gave you the charges must be able to produce the evidence in order to have it tested. If they cannot, then the case against you weakens.

Second, the drugs must be the substance that the charges indicate. If the drugs are tested and the results do match the charges, the case against you is once again weakened.

Drug charges carry very stiff penalties, and can ruin your entire life if you let them. No one deserves to lose their whole life or large portion of it because of foolish mistakes. If you are facing drug charges, be sure to consult with an experienced attorney who can help you fight for your future and protect your rights.

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