Suspect found inside of couch in his home

A man in Ventura now faces charges related to a armed bank robbery after police arrested the man while he was allegedly hiding inside a couch in his home. After authorities received footage of a man they claim is the suspect using a weapon to rob a bank, a SWAT team descended on the man’s house and took him into custody after they found him.

Not only does this man now face some very serious charges, his behavior when the arrest occurred may make his case even more complicated to defend. Now, not only is he a suspect in a crime, he also is memorable character. Unfortunately, the news of his unusual arrest may create some unfair momentum in his case.

Like in many other areas of life, the circumstances that surround robbery charges are almost always more complex and nuanced than a headline can encapsulate. Unfortunately, this man’s case is now strongly tied to the headline that encourages oversimplification of the situation before all the facts are known. This is not a scenario that encourages fair consideration and justice.

If you face robbery charges, it is very important to consider your next steps very carefully. You stand to lose many rights and privileges if you receive a conviction, and it is important use every tool you have at your disposal to protect your future freedoms. One of the strongest moves you can make is enlisting the help of a lawyer to represent you and help you craft a strong defense. Don’t wait for the news to create the narrative around your charges that may negatively affect your future freedoms.

Source: U.S. News, “California Bank Robbery Suspect Found Inside Couch at Home,” July 13, 2017

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