Will I really serve jail time for white collar crimes?

White collar crimes carry a strange reputation in America, where we routinely see those accused of such wrongdoing have their cases dismissed or the charges lead to no real lasting consequences. While that may occur from time to time, you should not assume that a white collar crime will only lead to a fine or a slap on the wrist. Recently, a man from West Covina received a sentence of seven years in prison for white collar charges stemming from an ongoing scam involving false invoices for fire equipment inspection.

The man pleaded guilty to a number of charges and admitted that he had in fact committed several crimes as a part of scamming area businesses out of nearly a half-million dollars. According to reports, the operation involved invoicing businesses for fire equipment inspections that had not actually taken place. Ultimately, the man faced a slew of charges, including filing false tax returns, forgery and grand theft. The man received a sentence of seven years in jail, was ordered to repay his victims, pay $85,282 to the California Franchise Tax Board and pay a fine of $100,000.

If you recently received charges of white collar crime, or you suspect that you may be under investigation, do not wait to obtain the help you need to protect your rights and your reputation. There are many white collar charges that can stem from foolish mistakes in business, and it would be a shame to see your business and reputation suffer from charges you do not deserve. No matter what the nature of the charges may be, you deserve to keep your rights and privileges protected.

Source: Edhat.com, “Man Sentenced to 7 Years For Inspection Scam,” June 29, 2017

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