Man pleads guilty to white collar crimes

When people in California think about someone being criminally charged with a white collar crime, they may think about movie plots involving organized crime. They may also think about very large, even international, corporations in which financial officers are accused of a myriad of offenses. However, these charges can apply to many types of individuals, companies and situations.

A recent example can be seen in the case involving a man who worked at a winery in the heart of the Santa Barbara wine country. Reports allege that for a period of seven years starting in 2006 the defendant fraudulently embezzled money from his employer. The employer is a winery and no details have been released as to the suspected involvement of anyone else at the company. It is not known exactly what position the man held or how he had access to the money for those years. The man has actually pled guilty to the embezzlement charge.

In addition, he has also entered a guilty plea relating to the filing of fraudulent tax returns. The California Franchise Tax Board was part of the investigation and some of the money he must repay will be provided to that entity. No details of federal tax issues were released. In all, he has been sentenced to spend eight years in a state prison. It is unclear if he may be eligible for early release or probation.

After being charged with a serious white collar crime, California residents may find talking with an attorney a good way of planning their defense strategy.

Source:, “Winemaker Sentenced 8 Years For Embezzlement And Tax Evasion,” September 22, 2017

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