You may want to consider a plea bargain

If you have used your computer to engage in illegal activity, you could well be facing federal criminal charges. We at Ron Cordova Attorney-at-Law often work with people who are seeking the best possible outcome to their case. Sometimes, a plea bargain may be a successful strategy.

You may worry that the evidence against you is insurmountable, and there is not a defense available to keep you from going to prison. However, as FindLaw explains, there are times when the prosecutor may be willing to discuss an agreement that could lead to much lower penalties. Plea bargaining gives you the opportunity to engage in negotiations that bring your case to a speedy resolution while also allowing you to avoid the expense and publicity involved in going to court.

By accepting a plea bargain, you have admitted guilt, but perhaps not to the charges you originally faced. A charge bargain is an agreement with the prosecutor to plead guilty to a different charge. For example, perhaps you would be permitted to plead guilty to a misdemeanor rather than a felony. Alternately, you may seek a sentence bargain, where you agree to plead guilty rather than go to court, and you receive a lighter sentence. 

There are downsides to a plea bargain, too. If there is a chance that you could be acquitted, you have given that up by pleading guilty. You are not likely to be able to appeal your case, either, since you voluntarily accepted the plea.

More information about plea bargaining is available on our webpage.

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