Altercation between officer and woman caught on film

It is widely recognized that the law enforcement officers working in Irvine and elsewhere provide valuable services to the communities they support. Often, they are confronted with tense situations. While empowered to use their authority to help diffuse such situations, they are still expected to maintain their professional conduct at all times. In cases where they may not meet that expectation, their actions (and reactions) may justly be called into question

That is exactly what is occurring currently as officials review the circumstances of a confrontation that recently occurred in Arcata that has since gone viral. Authorities pulled a vehicle over after witnessing one of its occupants stand up and sticking her head out of the sunroof. The girl was ultimately arrested, yet the situation escalated even further after another of the vehicle’s passengers began arguing with one of the arresting officers. The female passenger was then pulled from the vehicle and an altercation ensued which required the intervention of several other officers. She was eventually subdued and arrested as well. 

The video shown of the incident showed the officer and the young woman arguing over the teenage passenger’s arrest. No clear indication can be seen as to who started the argument, though local law enforcement officials say that other footage is available that offers a more accurate view of the entire incident. 

It may be difficult when incidents like this occur not to make a rush to judgement in favor of either side. Yet the methods and tactics used by law enforcement officials may not always be above reproach, and if a person’s rights are violated during an arrest, that should be taken into account. One needing to emphasize that point in court may want to have an attorney by his or her side when doing so. 

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