Encinitas man arrested for alleged burglary of mobile home

It may be easy for Irvine residents to fall into the trap of automatically assuming that one who has been reported to be arrested is guilty. This assumption may come from one of two beliefs: that people would not accuse one of a crime falsely, and/or that police would not bother to arrest one were they not entirely sure of his or her involvement in an offense. Yet there certainly may be cases where people might have ulterior motives in accusing others of crimes, or situations where police feel pressurre to take action, and thus may make a rush to judgment. 

The facts surrounding the recent case of an Encinitas man seem quite murky in their support of his arrest on burglary charges. Law enforcement officials were called to a local mobile home park after residents noticed the man was hanging around the premises. When confronted, he said that he was looking for his lost dog. However, later statements say that he was searching for a new residence for his mother-in-law. Details of the break-in that led to the charges he has arrested on where not shared. 

What is seemingly odd is that this man as a certain amount of notoriety, being the son a former NFL tight end and having played the same position in the NFL himself for a number of years. While he no longer plays, one might question why one who no doubt made millions of dollars during his career would become involved in such seemingly small-time criminal activity. While it may be impossible to guess one’s motives in such cases, factors like the one just mentioned may raise enough doubt to warrant a closer look at a case. Those needing to argue such cases may want to first secure the services of a qualified attorney. 

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