Felony and misdemeanor charges face board member

California residents who may be accused of financially related crimes like embezzlement or money laundering have several issues about which to be concerned. One of these issues can be the future of their professional positions, especially if those positions are in any way connected to the allegations against them.

For one man who is on the California Board of Education and is facing several charges related to an alleged money laundering scheme, he has already resigned as president of a board but has so far been allowed to remain on the board and continue his work. According to NBC Los Angeles, the man was elected to serve as a board member on the Los Angeles Unified School District in 2015 after initiating his campaign for the seat in late 2014.

Reports assert that he, with help from his cousin, illegally funneled money from relatives to fuel his campaign and even promised to repay some for their contributions. A complaint about the man’s actions was said to have been filed in 2015 and now he will be in court facing as many as 28 charges against him, three of which are felonies. It is not yet known if the defendant will enter into a plea agreement or work to prove his innocence through to a trial.

Regarding the LA Ethics Commission, he is said to accept allegations against him and even pay a fine of $100,000 but that does not mean the same will happen with the criminal charges. His future on the board is also as of yet unknown.

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