Why Prosecuting Internet Crimes Is Difficult

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | Firm News, Internet Crimes

The internet is an amazing advancement in technology. It can allow people to connect with others halfway around the world instantaneously. People use it everyday to handle banking. Some people in California also work on the internet. It affords many opportunities that has made the world a smaller place. However, along with all the good, crime has also found its way on the internet. This means law enforcement has to figure out how to prosecute these criminals.

According to CSO, internet crime is so difficult to prosecute because of jurisdiction issues. Not only can it be difficult to track an individual who is committing a crime but it also can be difficult to know which law enforcement agency has jurisdiction to prosecute the crime. Typically, the criminal and the victim will live in different places. In addition, sometimes one of the parties may be in a different country. The law is not really set up to handle such issues as it has not caught up with technology yet.

This does not mean that victims of internet crimes have no recourse. The National Cyber Security Alliance explains that every person has the right to report a crime, even if it occurs online, to local law enforcement. While they may not be the ones who have the final say, they can take statements and gather evidence.

People who have been victims of an internet crime may also report crimes to the Federal Trade Commission, the FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. State law enforcement officials may also be able to assist.

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