Former mayor charges with embezzlement and more

People in California may not be surprised to hear that a politician has been charged with a financial crime but they should always remember that allegations are not convictions. Every person always has the right to defend themselves and it is during this defense process that the truth can hopefully be fully realized. This is an essential component to the legal and judicial system in the United States and connected to the belief that every person is innocent until proven otherwise.

As reported by, a trial for several charges of alleged embezzlement was scheduled to begin in early November. The defendant had been the mayor of Stockton. Recently, however, the man was charged wtih even more offenses and it is possible that the two cases may end up being merged. If this happens, the previously scheduled November trial date may end up getting moved out.

The defendant is accused of diverting grant money from the city’s discretionary funds to a non-profit organization that benefits children. He had been the chief executive officer of the organization’s previous entity and was involved in the creation of the current entity. The report in do not indicate if the man is accused of personally benefitting from the money or if it was given to support the cause of the non-profit organization.

Also involved in the matter is a woman who worked with the former mayor at the non-profit and at the city of Stockton. The man is charged with money laundering, conflict of interest and embezzlement.




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