Man arrested on way to Google’s Mountain View headquarters

Most people in Irvine are likely familiar with the old saying about sticks and stones being able to break bones yet words not having the power to cause harm. Some might take this literal fact a license to say whatever they want. yet while it is true that words are not themselves able to hurt people, the threats that they imply can. For this reason, law enforcement officials are authorized to apprehend people that they believe to be making dangerous and credible threats. 

This fact was on full display when authorities arrested a man who reportedly drove all the way from his home in Maine to confront people at Google’s Mountain View headquarters. They had received a tip from their counterparts in Maine stating that the man planned on driving to Google headquarters to speak to someone about his YouTube channel being shut down, and had implied that if he did not receive the answer that he wanted, he would become violent. Mountain View officials stopped him before he was able to reach Googe’s headquarters and found three baseball bats inside of his car. The man had also had run-ins with law enforcement during his trip across the country. Authorities in Iowa reported responding to two separate incidents the man was involved in. 

When one makes threats, officials may need to attempt to prove that there was an intent to follow up on them. Such an intent may be proven by looking at an individual’s actions, yet even those may be open to interpretation. When one is facing potential criminal charges due to threats, their best chances at securing a favorable outcome to their case may come from enlisting the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

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