A look at the Otisville prison

Now that the former attorney to the President is heading to prison, many people in New York have questions about the facility at which he will be staying. Some are referring to it as a white collar prison in reference largely to the fact that the man was convicted of a white collar crime. Other people, however, may also assert that white people are more likely to be at these types of facilities than are defendants of color.

Mel Magazine indicates that a white collar prison does not generally require high levels of security but low or medium levels of security due in large part to the lack of violent offenders who may be kept there. White collar crimes are those that do not involve physical violence or force but are instead motivated by financial gain or the avoidance of financial loss. These prisons may offer a greater range of amenities to inmates than would their high-security counterparts.

According to Forbes, however, the simple existence of amenities like gym facilities does not mean that a white collar prison is a luxurious place to be even for a day let alone for multiple years. Of the 122 facilities in the Bureau of Prisons, there can be four levels of security. In addition to a low, medium or high level of security, there is also the camp which is referred to as a minimum security prison. This is what the Otisville facility is rated as.

There are things like weights, treadmills, tennis courts and basketball courts but the equipment may be antiquated and potentially not even working. Inmates may have the option to request Kosher meals or meet with a Rabbi as well.


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