Tactics investigators use that could violate your rights

Here at the office of Ron Cordova, attorney-at-law, we often find that those accused of white-collar crimes are intelligent, capable people whose rights are being threatened. However, we find that intelligence often hurts defendants as much as it helps them.

Arresting officers, investigators and state prosecutors in California and at the federal level are usually well aware of the above-average intellect of most white-collar crime suspects. We find that these investigators often use these strengths against people. There are several tactics that you could want to make yourself aware of in case you became the subject of a criminal investigation.

The first — and one of the most common — situations is that the investigators may approach you with a request for assistance or cooperation. This could be combined with a home or office search, and is a basic attempt to appeal to your pride as well as your desire to ingratiate yourself to potentially threatening parties. 

These offers often stop making much sense once you examine them in detail. For example, why would a massive such as the FBI need an individual’s help to investigate cybercrime? Even if you were a luminary in your field and did not believe you had done anything wrong, it would probably be advisable to look at any offer from law enforcement from a legal perspective before you agree to assist in any way.

In a related technique, investigators may ask for your help in exposing illegal activity in your company or by one of your coworkers. Before you proceed, you may want to consider the implications of any statements you make. In some cases, even having knowledge of certain activities could constitute a criminal offense.

Sometimes, these types of techniques are completely legal. Other times, they may constitute a violation of your civil liberties. Whatever the case may be, we take pride in the fact that we help our clients stand up for their rights against these predatory and often duplicitous investigation techniques. Please read our main website for more information.

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