Looking to pay fewer taxes? Do it the legal way.

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Tax Evasion

Paying taxes is never fun. Many people look for ways to pay less than what they owe. There are numerous methods to pay less tax, but some are illegal.

People who want to pay less tax, but do not want to risk getting into legal difficulty, can take advantage of a number of other strategies that the IRS deems perfectly legal.

Avoid tax evasion

According to the Brookings Institution, tax evasion occurs when someone deliberately does not pay taxes or does not report all sources of income. The greatest percentage of evasion occurs among individual income tax returns, and it tends to occur more among high-income households. Sole proprietorships and farms often understate income on their taxes.

Tax evasion is illegal, and there are strict penalties for those who purposely cheat the government out of money. Fortunately, there are legitimate ways to lower the amount of taxes owed.

Legal strategies to pay fewer taxes

According to Business Insider, not all legal strategies work for all situations, but it is helpful to know what options are available. There are many deductions that businesses can take, and business owners should take advantage of them. Along with many expenses, some businesses may be able to deduct up to a half-million dollars in assets every year. Others can take advantage of bonus depreciation for equipment costs. People who are self-employed can typically deduct health-insurance premiums.

Although not everyone owns a business, most people should have a retirement account of some kind. Not only does maxing out contributions every year decrease taxable income, but it also ensures a better future. Another option for higher-income individuals is to choose whole-life insurance instead of term-life insurance.

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