How companies are implicated in internet crimes

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Internet Crimes

The damage cybercriminals inflict does not always stop with the direct victim of the crime. Companies that have not sought to hurt anyone can nonetheless become caught up in an internet crime scheme.

If law enforcement suspects that a business willingly allowed cybercriminals to use its services, it could result in heavy fines and even prison time for business employees and management. Here is a look at some of the ways internet criminals can cause companies to become an unwitting party to a crime.

Criminal use of legitimate services

Tech companies offer many useful services to the public. These services include communication and data storage. However, criminals can use technology businesses for malicious purposes. Illegal actors can form partnerships with tech companies even though the company owners are unaware that their partners intend to break the law.

Financial businesses can also serve as the instrument of cybercriminals who want to move money acquired through illegal means. Some criminals use internet money laundering to pass money through different banks to hide the true origin of the money.

Stealing personal information from companies

Identity theft is a major problem. Businesses that hold personal information can also suffer damage from this crime. Some cybercriminals acquire credit card numbers and owner names from vendors. Malicious actors can also steal stockholder and client information from financial institutions.

Even if a business did not intentionally assist in a cybercrime, an accusation of negligence is enough to cause legal trouble. It is important for business owners to be aware of their rights in the event of an internet crime investigation. If you face possible charges related to crimes perpetrated by cybercriminals, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side.

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